Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Family Traditions

A new family tradition has been created, with the second year in a row of going to the MCG on Easter Monday to watch the hawks vs. the cats followed by dinner in Chapel St, at a lovely little restaurant

I think family traditions are such an integral way to create special memories and highlight the significance of family as being perpetual. I also think that it is increasingly important to work at creating new traditions as your children get older, especially as they spend less time at home. 
How wonderful it would be, if they like me have a rich array of memories and meaningful experiences to one day share with their own families.

I would love to hear about  traditions that are important in your family.

A lovely tradition

Some reading  on family traditions

Creating a positive-family-culture-the-importance-of-establishing-family traditions

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  1. The best family traditions are those that the kids ask to happen again and the ones wrapped around holidays and food. Xxxx


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