Monday, April 21, 2014

An Easter Collection

We have spent most of the Easter Weekend at home, which has been just lovely.

1. Hot Cross Buns, Good Friday tradition
2. A  "swarm of ladybugs" on the fence (according to the big girl)
3. Delicious dinner with beautiful friends
4. Chocolate Easter Egg cake, with hidden caramel eggs inside
5. High tea at home
6. My favourite
7. An old crochet project re-visited
8. Awww! Thanks girls xx

more collections @ The Beetleshack with Em


  1. The Easter cake looks delicious. Regards Kathy A, Brisbne, Australia

  2. All that yummy Easter goodness...what's not to love xxxxx

  3. So many Easter goodies! Loving the look of that crochet pattern too!
    Sophie x


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