Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Dish Cloth Swap

My 4 dishcloths are all finished and winging their way to Tasmania  to One Crafty Mumma (in an express post package). But I have to wonder why I always leave everything to the last minute. I finished these ones off at the start of the month, (except for finishing off the ends on the pink one)  but I didn't get around to attaching tags or posting them. Like always I seem to have a mad rush of activity and achieve lots and then it all just seems to fall to the wayside. I  actually made 8 different ones. I liked them all, I really did. Or did I think I was going to make better ones? Or was I just suffering from a lack of decisiveness? Or most likely is it just my addictive personality?

Do you suffer from an addictive personality? Do tell!

Now I really must get off the computer and get onto my Kindergarten transition reports....anyone say last minute? AGAIN?


  1. Gorgeous work! I leave most everything to the last minute then scream around trying to finish it all in time. I then always marvel at how easy the "dreaded" tasks were and kick myself for not doing them sooner. Never learn! Hope the rest of your week is lovely xx

  2. I love these!!! Really nice work Miss Muggins!

  3. I'm the same - always a last minute girl :) Your dishcloths are just beautiful by the way! xx

  4. Thanks everyone, especially my fellow deadline girls!
    I can't wait to receive my parcel, it will be a great reward for finally finishing my reports.....on the home straight now!


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