Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Collection In Colour

1. hexies are go
2. a little pop of colour on the windowsill
3. some vintage Suzanne Grae (rescued from the dress-up box at kinder)
4. rain drops on roses
5. 'tussie mussie' - a gift from a friend
6. chicken pasties, a little heavy on the sesame seeds, courtesy of the ballerina's help in the kitchen 
7. paiseley jades's coconut loaf  - it is super easy and very delicious, with just a few pantry staples (no eggs or butter either)
8. mates, dreaming about going to Brazil
9. a finished cushion cover for an engagement gift
10. sweet and salty

weekly collections of stills @ The Beetle Shack


  1. I love the combinations of colours and patterns in your cute little hexies - beautiful! x

  2. I recognised that label immediately! Love saving a vintage piece don't we! Nice little collection, must try that recipe

  3. Raindrops on roses... beautiful! Completely besotted with those hexies.


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