Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lacy Knitted Scarf

I have finished knitting my lovely lacy scarf, but please don't look too closely! 

It appears that Winter is back in Melbourne, so I will certainly get to wear it over the next few days at least.

I used Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca, in Basil. The yarn was an absolute delight to knit with, soft and light, did not split, or catch when unpicking mistakes (a rather important feature for inexperienced knitters or complicated patterns)I would highly recommend it.

I purchased it from Millrose Cottage in Ballan, and they provided me with the pattern. 

You can click here for a list of Australian stockists


  1. Basil!! Sorry, any excuse for a Faulty Towers quip! It turned out beautifully L - love it, gorgeous colour. Hmmmm

  2. It is stunning. I adore you crafty work muchly. Brilliant.


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