Monday, September 16, 2013

The Bendigo Collection

We headed off to Bendigo, just the Mr and me. Our very dear friend's were celebrating their daughter's 18th, with dinner at a lovely restaurant and watching a rock band at a local pub. Now that was an experience!
  1. Bendigo turned on the sun, just as we were driving out of town
  2. "Made In China" 
  3. Persian eggs at  Percy and Percy
  4. Camellias in the bathroom (hopefully not too creepy to take photos in a cafe restroom)
  5. Happy 
  6. Pretty things at Colenso in Woodend on the way home
  7. The fabled back room did not disappoint
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  1. That breakfast looks delicious! And you are not alone I sometimes find bathrooms so pretty I have to take photos :)


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