Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Reflections on the Weekend

On the weekend, Mr M and I, and a couple of close friends enjoyed a  trip to the Country, relaxing in a little cottage by the lake, but also reflecting on the  impact of fire on our great land.

We spent a day in Marysville, which was ravaged by the Black Saturday BushFires of 2009. The burnt trees surrounding the town served as an eerie reminder of the devastation, as did the streets full of new homes and buildings, in various stages of construction.

On 7th February 2009, a devastating bushfire destroyed much of Marysville and its surroundings. The town is rebuilding, and there are now places to eat, shop and stay within the town.  source

Throughout our day we were reminded that a visit to the region is a great way of supporting the recovery process. We ate gelato and heard some stories at the Visitor centre as well as venturing deep into the National Park. We saw how the town never stood a chance at Keppels lookout and visited a spectacular  waterfall, symbolic of  life and growth in the area. Next time a visit to the sculpture garden is a must.

Fire is a natural part of the Australian landscape and most of the plant species around Marysville are adapted to fire and are regenerating well. While the impacts of the fire will continue to be visible for years to come, the forest is an interesting place to visit as it moves through stages of recovery after an extreme event. source

My thoughts and prayers are with those rebuilding their lives, and everyone currently experiencing loss and devastation through bushfire.

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