Monday, January 28, 2013

In Breaking News (Literally)

Part 1: (written a little while back) Work is on in earnest to get our big house on the market, so that we can finally move into our small house, and start living the simpler life we envisioned, way back when we started thinking about "Does Size Really matter?" Not long after, we purchased the little house that ticked all the boxes and then, due to a multitude of circumstances the dream was postponed.
Fast forward to 2013 and the plan's back on, (hooray!!!) as our house is about to become vacant again and we want to be the next people to move in!

As anyone crafty who has ever had a house to sell knows, craft rooms/crafty stuff in every room of the house are not looked upon favourably by most prospective buyers. Something to do with all the piles and baskets and drawers stuffed full. So, I have begun packing up, boxing my craft supplies and projects and clearing out the clutter and the personal items. I purchased some storage containers, including this bright orange picnic basket. It is a perfect container for some of my crafts 'on the go', small things that are almost finished, and things that don't require my sewing machine, which will be put away shortly.
The tiles are cleaned, the new carpet is ordered, the broken window replaced and the new curtains in place. The photographer is booked, the 1st Open is scheduled, it is all systems go!
Part 2: A single event has thrown all of our plans into a bit of chaos, and taken up so much precious time. It all started last Wednesday, when I ran up to Mr M to give him a hug. An innocent enough event. But add bare feet to his shoes, and a fair bit of enthusiastic motion....and you get almost instantly bruised and swollen toes. Nothing a bit of ice won't fix! (I hoped)
A 3 hour trip to the emergency department of our local hospital, later that night, as the swelling and pain intensified, was a complete and utter waste of time. The triage nurse was rude into the bargain, telling us in the early hours of the morning that my "sore toes" were far less important than all of the "actual" sick people there that night. It was at this point that we left.

I soldiered on till Friday night, when Mr M took me to the local 24 hour clinic. I was examined by a doctor, x-rayed and tucked securely into a lovely fibre glass cast quicker than Nurse Judgey Wudgey could say "sore toes"

But now, of course, the ramifications are far reaching. I can't go back to work tomorrow. (The doc said something about 6 weeks......) I can't drive, and don't even talk to me about showers and plastic bags! I will be pretty useless in the gardening and weeding and shovelling of tan bark, which we scheduled for this weekend. And forget cooking and general house work! (Thank goodness for my daughters, eye rolls and all!) On the upside, I have done plenty of sorting and organising, especially in my sewing room and have even cleaned out the filing cabinet - all from the comfort of my wheelchair!
Oh, and the sewing machine is packed up, can't operate the foot pedal anyway!


  1. Oh Laurel!!!! Wonderful news about the big move, where to? Hope your tootsies get better super fast and Nurse Meany Pants gets a dose of "sore toes" LOL - how bloody mean can you get, never mind. Just keep focussed on the big move !

    1. Thanks Lynda - Mr M was wishing all sorts of things onto Nurse Bitch Face!(his words)The big move can't come soon enough - can't wait to start living the simple life in a small countryish town, only 1/2 an hour away (and on the way to Philip Island!!!!)


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