Monday, December 17, 2012

The Tale of a Rainbow Cake

I made a rainbow cake for my Birthday, on the 11th.
I even made a little cake bunting, to decorate it.
The recipe was Pip's Pastel Rainbow Sprinke Cake

The 6 layered cake began to implode due to it's sheer weight. It was only the buttercream icing and sprinkles that held it all together. Or, maybe they were the problem????
Anyway, the outside was a disaster.
Luckily, the inside was pretty!
And we ate it off dotty wedgewood plates!
It was indeed very delicious.

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  1. ah nom nom nom nom!!!! This happened to me, i have to reinforce it with bamboo skewers! I have since discovered that you make very thin layer cakes, but I love the skyscraper effect myself!


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