Monday, December 17, 2012

I Heart Felt

I thought about wearing a Christmas T-shirt to my Kindergarten party tomorrow.....and then I remembered that I do not own one, and have vowed never to!
So the  best thing to do, is of course to make a little something Christmassy!
(Taken a little out of context from Mollie Makes issue 21)

And then I got on a roll and made a cute little pudding ornament from an issue of Handmade magazine that I borrowed from the library. Seeing as I had the felt out, and all!


  1. I love that little deer! Much nicer outfit than a Christmas t shirt ! BTW Happy Birthday lovely Laurel!

  2. Hey Laurel, these are so cute....I particularly love the sweet little deer.
    Very festive.....
    Belated birthday wishes to you and the cake looked pretty jolly delish too...

    CLaire :}

  3. Much better than any Christmas top, that is for sure! So cute! :)


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