Monday, October 29, 2012

What Came First - The Dolly Or The Egg?

I am busy making some little dolls for our Sponsored Children. A 5 year girl in Bangladesh, named Rimi and a 9 year old girl in Honduras, named Soany.
I am having so much fun choosing buttons and trims. The idea for the sock legs came from the latest issue of Mollie Makes.
The pattern is from here. And if you google Black Apple doll, there are heaps of images for clothing, face and hair inspiration!

What happens when you tell an egg a joke?It cracks up!
It's not so funny to have eggs thrown at your house, for the second time, I might add. This was not the kind of surprise I was expecting to see in my letter box this morning.
Come back tomorrow and see the finished dolls.
(If I am not required to clean up any more dried-on eggs that is!)


  1. Hello fellow blog-schooler! The dolls are gorgeous. I have been neglecting my sewing machine recently. Must remedy this...


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