Saturday, September 8, 2012

Days Four and Five


The Lounge Room is now clean and tidy. There is nothing new or fancy in this space, but it is comfy and serves it's purpose mainly as a place to watch TV. I have got rid of the clutter over time, and it looks quite bare and brown in these pictures! You can't see all the baskets of my knitting and crochet, as they are hidden behind the chairs!

It is quite an interesting experience to look at photos of your own house, of things you see all the time, but never actually notice.

Is anyone else joining in with the challenge? Is it a bit pathetic that I am enjoying cleaning so much? even the floors?

1 comment:

  1. Not the slightest bit's the tidiness and neatness that gives me a sense of calm...pity that it comes at the cost of ranting and raving to the kids to pick up after themselves!!!!

    I've cheated with my half made ripple blanket, it lies over the back of the lounge for a bit of colour and is "pretending" to be finished :)


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