Monday, September 10, 2012

Day Six

20 Days to Organise & Clean your home Challenge

Today's  task involved the bathroom/s. Far from my favourite cleaning job!
 I washed the windows and scrubbed the bath, even though it is very rarely used these days!
 The girls make such a mess with their make-up and bobby pins and bun nets and cotton balls. Not to mention all the hair that covers everything and fills the bath and clogs the plughole. I have been trying to avoid going in the bathroom so I could pretend I didn't know the state it was in! I got the big girl to help me and we filled 3 shopping bags with rubbish!!!!!
I am so thrilled that the shower in the family girl's bathroom is now sparkling clean. It has been bothering me for some time, and the only way to do a thorough clean was to get in it with a scrubbing brush!
 I have added a shower caddy to my shopping list. You should have seen how many empty bottles were in that shower!
 I had recently cleaned the ensuite, so I could take the time to thoroughly clean and declutter the cupboards under the sink. And what a mammoth task that proved to be!  It may have taken a couple of hours, as I decided to wash out all my make-up and toilety bags, clean the hairbrushes, containers and bottles, but it was well worth the effort!
  The few items on the top right belong to Mr M...and the rest must be mine! I did fill a bag or two with stuff for the bin! I am glad I didn't take a before shot, as I don't want to remember the chaos that had been lurking under the sink.
I felt so great to clean everything including the windows, sills and frames. I am continuing to be amazed by how empowering and peaceful it feels to clean. I feel so much more focused and in control, and I have to say it is time well spent. It's going to be a bit tricky to juggle the rest of the weekly tasks as I now have 3 days of work, but I'll do what I can.
 I even managed to bake some Polverones (Mexican cinnamon cakes) for Mr M to take to his Spanish class and sew some felt owls for a felt board song I want to teach the children at kinder tomorrow! I love feeling so productive.


  1. wow that is so productive! I am still in the "that's clean enough, the baby is crying" stage. I long for the time to clean out cupboards. I'll just have to enjoy your pics of tidy bathroom cupboards and avoid opening mine!


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