Sunday, September 9, 2012

Baking Bread - Old School Style

On Friday, I found a box of out-of date yeast in my pantry
So, today I proved the yeast to check it's potency.
I actually knew how to do this because I made bread with my kinder children a few months ago and wanted to show them how the yeast works to make the bread rise. Mr Google helped me to learn about how to feed the yeast with sugar!
Yep all good,my dough began to grow!
I then divided it up into 8 portions, and  cut  each ball into 3 pieces.
I rolled the pieces into sausages 
and plaited them all fancy like (with the Ballerina's help), we brushed them with milk and baked them until golden and smelling fabulous.

I am amazed at really how simple it is to make bread.
It was the perfect partner to a bowl of minestrone soup with pesto.
 I love easy Sunday nights!
Thankyou to The Organised Housewife for making me check the pantry for out of date items!

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