Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little bit saucy!

I have had some computer issues this past week, so finally, this morning I was able to upload this pic. Hooray!

I finally found the time on Friday to clean out the fridge and freezer as per  the challenge tasks allocated to (ahem) the 11th September.

Now let me confess, I am a "sauce-a-holic"  As a child my dad would ask me "Would you like some food with your sauce?"
 Not much has changed.....I have just broadened my condiment horizons!

In my fridge, there had been one entire shelf of sauces and condiments, many with a dribble in the bottom, some out of date, some looking decidedly dodgy!  And let's not even discuss the smells! I love sauces, and mustards and  marinades and relishes and dressings. I have jars of pickles and pickled things.  I adore pastes and pestos and salsas and spreads.

I now just have the basics....tomato, BBQ, sweet chilli, mustard, kecap manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce), worstershire, balsamic dressing....but for how long?

What do you have lurking at the back of your fridge? Do your share my saucy passion? What are your basics? Do tell!

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  1. We have a shelf full of condiments in the fridge and one full in the pantry, it's a mess! One of those 'must get to' things I never seem to get to. Imagine the room we'd create! Your fridge looks impressively orderly..x


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