Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mixed Messages and Forgotten Pies

 Yesterday I was enjoying the rare luxury of a crafty day with like-minded friends. There was tea in dainty teacups, and platters of yummy treats and soup and crumpets. There was chatting and laughing and stitching and sketching and knitting and crocheting. It was perfect.
Then I get a text from the Ballerina, who is at school:
    "Can you pick me up straight away?"
I wonder what is going on and text straight back "What's happening?" To which I get no reply. I try goes to her message. I know that she is in school and should not be using her phone. I am worried. What should I do?
I decide to go to the school, which is just down the road from my friend's house. At the office I am informed that my daughter is in assembly and that no students are to leave until the end of the assembly. I decide to go home and wait for the bus, hoping that everything is OK.
I still have an hour to kill, and so to keep my mind off my worries I call into my local op-shop. And I manage the score the last few things I need for my op-shop swap and a pretty shirt for me too! Then I get the call......... it is the ballerina ringing to say she is on the bus. I tell her how worried I have been. It turns out she was just texting to ask me to get her straight from the bus (ie not have to walk home) because it is SO cold!!!!! Hmmmm.

So fast forward a copule of hours..... I have quickly whipped up some ham and egg pies in the pie-maker, and popped some popcorn and we are in the car. I am looking at the most amazing sunset through the rain covered window, when Mr M asks me if I picked up the food bag.

 Great! I did not.

So the delicious pies were at home, along with the healthy snacks I had organised. And now I was left with no choice but to face the food at the footy and pay the price!!!!!


  1. I bought a piemaker yesterday. Still experimenting. My gang are off to footy tomorrow, it never occurred to me to make pies for them- great idea.


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