Friday, June 15, 2012

Fancy Flower brooch Tutorial

How to crochet a fancy flower

Just in case you want to make your own!

1. Choose 3 colours of yarn that take your fancy and lay your hands on a 3.50 crochet hook.

2. Using colour A make 4 chain, leaving a 15cm long tail  and slip stitch to make a ring.

3. Chain 3, to count as first treble, make 11 treble into the ring. Fasten off colour A. (12 tr)

4. Using colour B, join yarn to one of the trebles. Chain 1, make 2 double crochet into each treble (24 dc)

 5. Join  Colour C to any dc

6. * chain 4, 1 double treble into next stitch, 2 double treble into next stitch, 1 double treble into next stitch, chain 4, slip stitch into next stitch.

7. repeat from * to make 6 petals.

8. Fasten off colour C.

9. Sew in all ends leaving the long tail end from colour A in the centre. This will be used to sew the brooch pin in place.


  1. THANK YOU so much for sharing. So cute... feeling inspired :)

  2. nice! You could do a small version and layer it too - i love the simple clean shape of this flower xx

  3. Thank you. A nice little embellishment for all sorts of projects. I'm looking forward to trying it.

  4. Thanks for the great instructions, it's a very sweet flower.


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