Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holiday Humbug

I find the summer holidays a little challenging, especially in the first few weeks. Christmas is over, along with all the build-up and festivities. The house is stripped bare of all the adornments and decorations, and feels uncluttered, and neat. I am not quite sure what to do with myself. Mr M is back at work (doing really long days). I stay up late, get up late and generally feel unmotivated and directionless, and actually struggle with having no set routine. I manage to exercise more, and shop more often for groceries, as we always seem to be running out of food. I do love not having to make school/work lunches and not having to be up, dressed and ready to walk out the door. I actually like  having no particular place to be at any particular time, except for the obligatory  dentist/optometrist/blood test  appointments. The holidays are an ideal time to get all those things sorted.
And speaking of sorting, it is also an ideal time to get organised, to go through cupboards and drawers, deleting, and donating. It is a time for making goals and lists and writing in the diary. I of course kid myself that it will last when we resume normal programming.
My new diary, pictured here with some of my Christmas gifts

 The holidays are also a perfect time for reading, if I could actually committ to a book that is. Craft books (new and old) and old magazines...I flit from one to the next.
I gave these books to my avid reading niece for Christmas, along with a bookmark I made. (Two of my  favourite books I read at Uni, when studying Children's Literature)
I love going to the library in the holidays. Adding more old magazines to the pile, and craft books full of things I really like, but will never make. I have even borrowed a DVD, Bed Of Roses that has been perfect for my late night viewing. I feel safe in the knowledge that I will not return these items late, as I have written the date in my diary. 

I think that I should be churning out lots of crafty stuff, but I don't seem to feel much like it. I have been working on a crochet ripple, which is mindless and satisfying and lends itself to late night TV show marathons, and old episodes of Charmed daily at midday! I have some small projects that I intend to work on, when I can be bothered. I guess I am lucky to have the holidays to unwind and prepare for the start of another year, which promises to be busy. I just know that as the days begin to run out I will curse the wasted time and my lack of productivity.....because it happens every single year!


  1. Sounds divine L! I am off too but have plenty of kids around to keep me on my toes!

  2. I've caught the occassional episode of Charmed at midday too! I can't believe how old they look now. That makes me feel a bit old too. Back in the day it was my favourite show - THE show I waited all week for.
    I struggle without routine too. I'm not a rigid person, but a little bit of structure helps me get through the day - especially with this young mob of mine.
    I'm looking forward to the tennis starting. I enjoy watching the tennis on a summer's evening.

    he he he ... my word verification is uphyll... yep - somedays at the moment feel a little up hill!


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