Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farewell 2011

Another year has passed by, so quickly. I really like doing this annual post, originally inspired by the ever-great Ms CurlyPops, looking back and reflecting on what happened during my year.

January - I wrote another book review , celebrated 17 years of marriage and won a fantastic elephant print to raise money for flood relief. I did a little crafting and a little thrifting (namely a dotty house coat) and Mr M began the waiting game.

February - The floods hit home, yet pizzas still got through, high school started, and I felt like I was drowning.  I gained a second teenager, saw Mary Poppins and told a tale of op Shops and Old friends.

March -  I worked on a prayer quilt for a friend with cancer,  added to my vintage linen collection, and did lots of thinking about brain developement in teenagers. It was the end of the Guinea Pig era, there was  a perfect day for a picnic and time to craft for Japan, while the Ballerina's circus came to town!

April -  A huge highlight of my year was commencing Career Coaching with the Brilliant Sam, thinking about my dreams and getting organised at work. I got up close to dolphins, and the ballerina got her first pair of pointe shoes.

May - It was Mother's Day, and I pondered the concept of thoughtfullness. and the worth of my blog. Mr M finally had his surgery, hooray and all went well! I won a new doona cover, which was super timely and made lots of mushy food!

June -July -  I did lots of thinking, deciding, learning and growing, mainly on the inside! Plus I got a new phone (at long last!!!)

August - I tried to get back in the blogging saddle this month, sharing my excellent find, my newest design and my thoughts on being supported to work outside the home.  My Big Girl had her Presentation Ball and I talked about being positive! My littlest gained honours in her ballet exam and I met the neighbour under unusual circumstances.

September -  Life was feeling very much like a ride at a theme park, so I started a ANOTHER new crochet rug to make myself happy. I wrote some tips for goal setting, and spent time considering the journey from child to adult in the Macca's carpark!

October -  A Busy month at chez blog! I made-over my craft space and actually got some crafting done, whilst enjoying the view and crying over old episodes of A Country Practice. We celebrated Mr M's Birthday, I made some clown pants and cosied up the good room! I decorated for halloween and we had a spooky good time! Our small house dream got put on the shelf for another year and I got edgy with my Starburst Ripple rug. Phew!

November - I showed off my perfect bedroom , and we had a fancy party for my mum's 70th Birthday. I declared that Christmas was on its way with a new design and showed off a versatile LBD  . My heart got broken just a little bit, and then mended! The Ballerina danced her heart out, while a new dress made everyone green with envy!

December -  I was a very lucky girl, winning a custom doll, and I shared some of  my Christmas wishes, traditions and stories. I had a surprise Birthday, and even made some stuff! Christmas came and went on it's Merry Way, and then it was time for the Big Girl's 17th Birthday.

 So now, I am going to sit back, relax and wait for 2012 to reveal itself. I do have some plans and dreams, but I mainly want to simplify things, take it a bit slower and see what happens!
Happy New Year to all of my blog friends, followers and lurkers (that's you Carli!) Thanks for sharing the journey with me.


  1. Happy New Year Laurel. It's amazing how craft can help to get you through those tough times in life. Best wishes for 2012!

  2. It has been wonderful following your journey through 2011 and look forward to travelling the 2012 road with you!


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