Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Party - My Place and Yours

I am playing along this week with Vic at the venue for the My Place and Yours End of Season Christmas Special!

The Annual Christmas  Ornament Tradition  continues for my family in 2011

The Ballerina's new ornament (very fitting don't you agree?)

An ornament for The Teen  (" otherwise known as Annabel"
We do think Belle may have received a little botox for her early Christmas gift!
A little vintage paper angel adorning the top of my gold glitter tree, found in a box of dodgy ornaments at my kindergarten last year. Sweetly pleading to be rescued from living out her days admist  scratchy tinsel and misshapen pipecleaners

A sweet glass owl, my one new ornament for this year

A favourite ornament, in fact one of the first I ever made, about 30 years ago! Ahem!

And another little trip down memory lane, when kids wore cords and striped skivvies and Santa looked real!

I love this post I wrote about my Christmas wish way back in 2009!

So go on and share your Christmas stories, wishes and traditions... so we can all come and take a peek!


  1. Beautiful - we do the ornament tradition too, but we don't have a tree for them this year! Will have to put them on the mantle.

    Love, love, love that sweet lil'angel.

  2. My favourite ornaments are the ones my children made when they were little. Pine cones decorated as trees and felt ornaments that are unrecognizable as anything, only the Christmas colours tell me they are decorations.

  3. Love the Christmas photo, I have one from the 50s all dressed up as if for a special party

  4. Beautiful, I love how your ornaments have a story. Hubby still has the one his kindergarten teacher gave him many moons ago!

  5. Love the photo with Santa and last years post and wish list,(hope you got a book or 2) oh for a simple, quiet and relaxing Xmas!

  6. I found an angel like this too - but, your little one has a much better expression than mine.

    Love your pic with Santa - the the old ones are the best!!!

  7. Such cute ornaments! Love the little owl.

  8. Oh, it's so hard to find the perfect tree topper, but I think that angel is it!! So cute!!

  9. Gorgeous post, love the pic with Santa ... have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. I agree that little mouse is pretty cute!


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