Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eye-spy A Christmas Wish

Dear Santa: I wish for more time to do everything that I want to do to make a special hand-made Christmas. I wish for a return to simpler times, with less focus on expensive presents and lists and expectations a mile long. I wish for a family celebration, with delicious, simple food and happy people. I wish for love and peace and joy (and a couple of books for me, while you're at it!)

Ist of December already?
Photo: me, circa early 7o's, when Santas looked pretty authentic!

Eye Spy at Bug and Pop


  1. I second that :P

    Love the photo!!!

  2. Great pic :)
    I'm with you on the sentiment too.

  3. I love that picture, a smiling child on Santa. We havent achieved that here since my daughter was 5 mths old where she didnt cry! I agree, move back to simpler times and a handmade pressie list sounds much better than an electronic commercial one doesnt it!

  4. you nailed it! Mum and dad were telling me how they got oranges for Christmas (post war England) and thought that was great!! A bit extreme I know, but shopping malls are frightening places at the moment, crammed with things that you "need"! And it does affect you, hard to keep a level head!
    Great photo.

  5. That is the best chrissy wish I think, though i have admitted defeat to the fact I can't handmake everything so I am giving myself a little repreive for that. Next year though I am hoping to be better planned

  6. Lovely wish and I LOVE your photo!!

  7. this wish sounds just right - hope you get what you wish for...
    That photo is a classic!

  8. I wish it too Laurel. Surely the more of us that wish it, Santa must start to listen!

    That photo is wonderful... and proof of why we must put our kids through the whole ritual too.


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