Monday, November 28, 2011

Green With Envy

I just received this glorious parcel in the mail from Wendy. She makes the most beautiful wrap dresses that she sells in her Etsy Shop, The Textured Leaf Shop. She uses beautiful linens and doileys in her beautiful creations.

I was so lucky to win her Custom Wrap dress giveaway on her blog, The Textured Leaf. How fortunate to receive it now, when there are so many parties and functions to attend at this time of the year.
Thanks, Wendy, I will treasure it xx

And if you are really envious, you will just have to get one for yourself!


  1. Her designs are so beautiful aren't they? I have a pin cushion made by her and it is truly gorgeous - I can only imagine how fantastic that wrap dress is.

  2. Aww schucks guys. Thanks!

    Its such a weird thing to see it over at your house now, Laurel.
    I hope you wear it lots, x


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