Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Opening Up

This is Panda, the beloved teddy of Mr M, his friend and comforter throughout childhood. He is here to share some exciting news.... at last we have a date for Mr M's surgery. Hooray, months of waiting and unbearable pain are coming to an end.......on Monday. Panda also has some issues in the tummy region and a rather pitiful squeak when pressed. A bit like Mr M himself, actually!

Thanks Jess for the inspiration for this post.


  1. What a well loved little fellow. All the best for Mr. M's surgery.

  2. These must have been anxious days for you. Best wishes to Mr. M. I hope he will be feeling better soon. Poor old Panda does need some medical attention doesn't he?

  3. OH MY GOD I do believe I'm in LOVE. OH he's adorable.
    And all the best for Mr M's surgery, I hope Panda here does his bit, and looks after him is hossie xo

  4. Hope Mr M's op goes well and Panda get some tlc too!
    Glad to see you posting! : )

  5. Good luck with the surgery, squeaky chest cavity & all, love Posie

  6. Prayers on the way for Mr M, Laurel and Panda is just perfect the way he is :o)

  7. Incidently, does Mr M read this blog!


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