Friday, May 20, 2011

And so to bed

Nothing much beats crisp cotton bedlinen. Freshly laundered and line dried in the almost Melbourne sunshine. Topped off with cosy layers and cushions. Ahhh.

I was so excited to win the Give-away over at Posie Patchwork. I told a tale of woe, a ruined doona cover kindly lent to a teen, unfortunately weilding a jar of blue nail polish and a black biro. She shall be instructed to keep her grubby fake tanned mitts to herself from now on!

I am looking forward to sharing a few nights with mr M, before he goes off to his less than cosy hospital bed. Thanks to everyone that left comments on his impending operation xx

Now all I can say is........ Roll on bed time!


  1. Hooray!! There's nothing like new, clean linen.
    I hope yu and your man sleep so well tonight.
    I wish you all well for the op and a speedy recovery afterwards too. x

  2. Yay for a win and ohhh I can so realte to the nailpolish incident..Even though it is banned in this house it sure finds it's way in from time to time....

  3. i am super happy that Miss Muggins one of my all time fave bloggers won it! Yay ! Sweet dreams


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