Saturday, April 2, 2011

Putting My Best Foot Forward

the result of walking the path least travelled!
Big things have been afoot in my little world. I have been working with a career coach (courtesy of my employer) and Sam has been helping me to achieve clarity both at work and in my life and to develop useful strategies to achieve my vision. This includes setting goals and working on daily actions. I have been shifting my thinking to make it more present and I have come to realise that how I feel about myself directly affects my outcomes at work and at home. This was a big light bulb moment in which I realised that I have lost control of aspects of my life, especially in regard to eating and exercise and how I use my time. So now things are a-changing. It will be a slow step-by-step process, but I am going to make it. I am going to be a big success. And you heard it here first!
...and there will be plenty of walking, unexpected mud or not!
The fine print: Coaching will help you to unlock your potential, to create solutions in areas where you’re stuck and to innovate your thinking. It’ll give you the tools, clarity and confidence to achieve all of your goals and to get the very best out of yourself long into the future.


  1. Amen sister! Cognative thinking is a great thing.

  2. go laurel!! you are a big success already by just changing the way you think.


  3. Laurel, it sounds very exciting.

  4. Good for you Laurel!!
    I see such success and hapiness in your future.
    The road less travelled is not always the easiest but is definitely the funnest and the most filled with adventure. X

  5. Thanks for reminding me that I should be looking at the positive things in my life. I've been 'moaning' about some aspects of work, but have to look at what 'good' comes of working (I can go to fabric shops more often than when we didn't have two incomes!). Good luck with your journey and may lots of wonderful things begin happening for you.

  6. Go for it Laurel.

    (There's a lesson for a lot of us here)


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