Saturday, March 26, 2011

Writing and Publishing a Book

You may be familiar with the Children's Picture Book "Where Is The Green Sheep"

My kinder kids love it. Last year I attended an inspirational talk by the author Mem Fox, in which she read the book aloud. It was hilarious. Since then I always ask the children if they want me to read it in my normal or crazy voice. I am sure you can guess which they always pick!

Take a few minutes to read this article that Mem Fox wrote on how the book came to be. How a book of a mere 190 words took well over a year to write! It's a cracker of a tale!

So back to my kinder! We decided to write our very own book, based on the adventures of a "kinder" sheep, a sheep that would have many adventures and guises. We discussed ideas, and then the children got to making their own page for the book, using a blank template.

I brought our new binding machine home and then struggled to interpret the very basic diagrams and instructions contained in the accompanying booklet. I had the teen on the job, and she too was baffled. I turned to Mr Google for help, and tried and tried again. It turns out to be extraordinarily simple!

I can't wait to show the finished book to the children on Tuesday. I hope it is the start of a great new interest for the group. And boy am I keen to get that binding machine fired up I know how!

P.S The sheep is upside down on the front cover as a result of human error (mine) and not by design, although perhaps it indicates that he is a crazy sheep!!!!


  1. I like the upside down sheep on the cover. "Where is the green sheep" was the first book I bought Liam.

  2. I can't wait to see/read the final book Laurel. Love this idea, and Mem Fox - she's a favourite in our home.
    The sheep are so glorious.


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