Sunday, February 6, 2011


The view from my front door Friday night.
Friday night the girls and I were home alone as Mr M had gone away for a few days, (deeper into flood territory). It was bucketing down with rain, so we elected to order some pizzas, rather than brave the flooded roads to go to the supermarket. Whilst standing out the front watching a man paddle a canoe in the lake that had suddenly formed in the park across the road, the pizza delievery boy arrived on foot, having abandonded his car to get our pizzas to us. I had been anticipating a call to say sorry no pizzas, not such dedication!

all dressed up with no where to go

The flooding caused chaos on the roads even on Saturday, and prevented the Teen from attending the party she was all dressed-up for. The little town which contains our new house was evacuated, but no homes were inundated with water, just the roads!

all dressed up with somewhere to go!

Fortunately starting high school got off without a hitch. Buses, timetables and new uniforms all sorted! The Teen made a start at TAFE, as she is doing VCAL this year and is excited to be starting a work placement too. I am back at work, two days teaching at Kinder and two days teaching at TAFE as well. Mr M is back to work tomorrow after his little roadtrip.

Thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by the rain, flooding and cyclone. I am so grateful that life as we know it will continue unaffected. It is certainly a good feeling to be safe at home.


  1. goodness me, so much water everywhere! glad your house is dry, your daughter looks gorgeous dressed up for parties and for school! hope your new home is faring well! have a great week.


  2. Oh bless, i have a high schooler starting tomorrow in an equally baggy uniform. Those tiny year 7s do grow eventually don't they?? We have an overcoat as part of our Winter uniform, i love it!! Brrr Canberra. Love Posie


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