Saturday, July 24, 2010

opportunity knocks + wonky + new

A few recently thrifted goodies from local op shops, one in need of a good iron and one a little taking in!

The blanket gets the wonks! 3rd row since undone and in the process of being redone!

some new fabric I just had to have.

.....and today we looked through a 'new' house in a small town not too far away that may just tick all the boxes.


  1. I have a pink and orange flowery top just like that one on the purple hanger!

  2. Yes! I can see Cam wearing that top!

    Lots of great goodies and the house sounds very exciting! Hope it goes well.

  3. Big score.
    I'm lovely the blanket every time I see more of it. And what's wrong the a little wonk xo
    PS is the smaller town any closer to me?


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