Friday, July 9, 2010

My Creative Space 2

Here are the pictures from yesterday's creative space that refused to load. A birthday gift for a sweet 2 year old and a square bear for another sweetie!
My creative space has spilled out from my sewing room to the good room, and I just seem to be making more of a mess than any progress!
Toy Story 3 was excellent and the ballerina and I loved it. It was full of action and emotion and lots of funny bits. You just have to see Buzz in spanish mode!
The crochet from yesterday's post is attempting to be one of these or one of these. I guess we will have to wait and see.


  1. The wand is gorgeous Im sure the little fairy will love it! Toy Story was great although Im embarrassed to admit I had a little tear in my eye when all the toys were going to the furnace!

  2. Great crochet wand. I wanna know more about the process... was it tricky or pretty straight forward.
    Yours looks wonderful. Who is it for?

  3. the wand is adorable, but my square bear is something else entirely different, in a league of his own, I can't breathe i'm so excited. Is that plaid I'm seeing?
    Also very excited about Toy story 3, must go. I love Buzz, and if i "had" to have a cartoon character crush it would be him. That sounds rather disturbing doesn't it?

  4. that wand and tiara set is soooooo cute!

  5. Hi, this tiara and the star , just is apropieted for the little princess. Beautiful!!!!great work! greeting Rose Marie


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