Monday, June 21, 2010

When life gets in the way

I haven't been blogging much of late. No particular reason, just busy I guess, but no busier than anyone else. A bit of house-hunting, a fair amount of work, including parent-teacher interviews and professional development and a great deal of not much else worth telling! Oh and lots of internet drop-outs!

Today I had grand plans. We had a garage sale (at a friend's place) on the weekend and I planned to take some bags of left-overs to the op shop and have a browse for an outfit to wear to a themed party: Op Shop Formal this weekend. I planned to walk a few laps around the lake and do some sewing as well.

Instead I have been caring for a sick child, stripping two beds of vomity sheets, mopping a feverish brow and making chicken soup, with fresh ginger to settle a tummy. I have mangaged to fold several weeks worth of washing, sweep the path and wash loads of sheets, mattress protectors and even a pillow. Thankfully it is sunny and I have hung it all outside.

Last night I finished a somewhat wonky Square Bear at looooong last and had planned to post him off to his new home today. But priorities change. (Thanks for your patience Megan)

The ballerina is sleeping so I am writing this post before adding the noodles to the soup. I am grateful that I am at home today so that I can care for my girl. Being a working mum with a sick child (no matter how old) is one of the greatest challenges that life can throw your way.

Life is always good though....when you have cake and crochet!


  1. poor thing, sounds like you are having a tough week. Hope your little one is better soon and that things run more smoothly too. I love your bear, it has such personality! Definitely worth waiting for xo

  2. hope your ballerina will feel a bit more like dancing this week....tough one on you, so make sure you take it easy!
    take care

  3. Oh I hope your daughter is on the mend, sure is hard work taking care of sickies! I love your bear & that crochet, lovely...

  4. Here here for cake and crochet! I hope your girl is on the mend soon and life gets a little easier. In the meantime keep eating that cake and hooking along!

  5. hope your daughter is feeling better, your crochet looks great

  6. Sounds like you're a bit in the wars.
    I LOVE square bear!! Lucky megan.
    And that cake looks delicious, may I inquire as to what sort.
    Hope you little girl feels better soon .xo

  7. Your bear is adorable. I hope u girl is on her feet soon. Oh and I love the envelop idea. Will u be sharing more .?

  8. Love the teddy and I agree caring for the sick deserves a great piece of cake unfortunatly I don't know how to crochet...someday!


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