Friday, October 16, 2009

Vintage Inspired pillow

Hooray, I've finally finished a project using two of the motifs from Crochet Motif Month. These two were rated amongst the most popular, as well as being some of my favourites as well. I used a tablecloth that I once "obtained" from my Mum's linen press and never returned! I hope she likes how I have repurposed it. I do not have a square table and as I love it so much I thought it would be better to use it as something I will see every day. Add the crochet motifs and old button and voila!


  1. Sooo pretty !
    looks very comfy you can rest on it tomorrow while you recover from your squash game !

  2. That is very, very sweet. I like.

  3. Of course she'll love it, it's great.

  4. Lovely cushion! I love a home made cushion using beautiful materials that have meaning. I'm sure your Mum will want to borrow it back again. :)

  5. That's a very pretty cushion. You can never have too many. Elsie


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