Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rambling post, featuring hugs, luck and my postal service

a little sneaky peek....

a "large letter" is on its way to the UK, with a mug hug and coaster designed especially for Celine as part of the Hug Swap.
Can't wait to receive mine. I love the postie even though he is so incompetent that he ALWAYS folds my magazines. Even though I have a LARGE letterbox. Sometimes he comes at 12.00, sometimes at 2. Occassionally at 4pm. The other day he came at sometime between 7pm and 8am!!! I have even seen him having a nap under a big tree. So I never know when to expect his arrival. I do know that I am expecting some exciting parcels in the near future thanks to Hayley and Nikki.
The other day I found an English penny (which I promptly picked up) in the carpark of the brand new Woolworths that incidentally and very conveniently has just popped up not too far from my home. Was that the start of my good luck, I wonder???? Finding the penny or the building of the Woolies???? I guess we'll never know :)

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  1. You are such a tease, I can't wait for what looks a lovely hug... Thank you in advance. I understand your question about tea or coffee now. I have finished my hugs tonight and they will be on their way to you hopefully tomorrow


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