Monday, September 21, 2009

Knitted Arm Chair Caddy

This is what I have been knitting like a woman possessed! I am sick and tired of hunting around in my arm chair for the scissors and remote control which invariably I am sitting on! Let's see if this prevents me from having to get up again, when I am comfy!
The pattern said to buy 4 x100gm balls of chunky wool. The lady in the wool shop concurred. I had my doubts. I used less than one ball for the main part and a small amount of another ball for the cabled pocket (different yarn). At over $10 a ball, I am not thrilled about this! I am thinking of crocheting a large basket with the remaining wool - any other ideas gratefully receieved.

p.s I won't be cabling a garment any time soon! (I made too many little boo boos!)


  1. Great idea! Hope it works. Can you take the wool back? Or exchange it? I brought too much wool once and I was able to exchange it. I have seen some of those crocheted baskets and I think they look great. Go for it. There is no crochet happening here, it has been 32 degrees and is supposed to be 34 on Wednesday.


  2. Looks great. I have seen heaps of cables recently and am quite intimidated by them. Well done yours look great.

  3. What a great idea. You are very clever. Looks good and can possibly save some sanity! As for those boo boos... I say you should never speak of them again. It looks great.


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