Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hooker's Pouch (Crochet that is)

The little crochet pouch to hold my crochet hooks - the only completed project from My Creative Space today. I can tick that off the list. I did make some progress on the peg bag, but fabric choice was the stumbling block. I went for a nice windy walk with the dog, and came back with a new fabric to audition - success! What's that about fresh eyes, ah yes Nikki Cardigan's comment is certainly true!


  1. Everyone needs a crochet case! Looks fantastic. Congrats on the 401st post! Sorry I missed the 400th. :)

    PS. I think your orchid has been talking to mine, as mine has a bud appearing too.

  2. It's cute! Well done :) I should try and make something like that too... all my knitting & crochet things are in the same bag, so the smaller ones get lost at the bottom! Very annoying.

  3. You know Laurel, we grown ups so easily forget how magic that fresh air is. Since having kids, I've been reminded of the clarity, calmness (even in the wind!) and rejuvenation that comes for moving your butt into the outdoors. That anf the crying is not so loud in open spaces!

    You made me gasp then laugh out lous with your post title. I LOVE IT!

  4. absolutely gorgeous pouch. LOVE the colours and especially the sunny yellow zip!


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