Saturday, July 25, 2009

Take a chance...

Last night myself, Mr M and his sister and her hubby, and some special friends went to a Babba dinner show. It was so much fun singing and dancing and laughing the night away.

I also got the news that I was unsuccessful, but you gotta take a chance... Thanks so much for all of the words of support and encouragement. I went into the interview feeling positive and confident and came out happy with how it went. Obviously not meant to be! Oh well, what a shame - just have to spend more time crafting!

I want to share this inspiring post on this subject - well done Michelle for taking a chance.

Oh and my mum loved the lilac wrist warmers, and they have now gone to live with her (colour looked heaps better on her anyway) She is going on a boat cruise tonight and will have toasty warm hands. I have started a safe cream pair (while watching Brokeback Mountain)

Edit - Mum absolutely loved her scarf and we both wore our matching numbers to watch Miss A play netball. (I'm sure she was cringing!)


  1. The only reason you didn't get "it" is because there is something much better awaiting you .

  2. Bummer about the job thingy - but I'd be thinking on the same bright side as you - you would have had to do commuter craft - or something equally unsatisfying!


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