Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cross It Off The List

The chevron eyelet scarf for my Mum made with thrifted yarns is finished. I thought I'd share the pattern in case anyone was interested. It is a great way to use up scraps and oddments.

6mm hook - Chain 26
1st Row Miss 3 chain, I treble in each of next 5 chain, miss 2 ch, I tr in each of next 4 ch (1tr, 1 ch, 1tr) in next ch, I tr in each of next 4 ch, miss 2 ch, 1tr in each of next 4ch, 2 tr in last ch
2nd Row (1dc, 1ch, 1tr) in first tr, 1 tr in each of next 4 tr, miss 2 tr, 1tr in each of next 4tr (1tr, 1ch, 1tr) in next 1ch space, 1tr in each of next 4 tr, miss 2tr, 1 tr in each of next 4 tr, 2 tr in top of turning chain. 2nd row forms pattern. Keep working in desired colours (3 rows) until the right length is achieved. Fringe if desired.


  1. Oh it is adorable
    I love it
    Might have to get my sister to make me one x

  2. Oh its adorable. Well done. What a lovely scarf

  3. Yes, I need one of these scarves! Thank you for the pattern!

    I will just have to wait though until I finish my crochet ripple throw, hexagon quilt, yo-yo throw, doll quilt, knitted lace scarf...



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