Tuesday, July 28, 2009


FlashPoor Flash is no longer with us. He has been deteriorating over the last few months, getting really small and losing his fur. I have just found him under a pile of wood, the place where all the piggies seem to go to die. It was only a matter of time. He was such a dear little guinea pig, the father of three sons and always up for a cuddle. he is survived by one son, who is quite distressed.
This picture was taken back in 05, when we actually thought that Flash was a girl! Look how young Miss C looks too. How am I going to break this news to her?


  1. it isn't your year as far as pets go is it?
    Hugs to Miss C and you too!I don't envy you! I remember having to tell Mr L that a meeting between Bruce and a snake didn't go to well for poor Bruce!

  2. Oh. Vale, Flash. I'm sure he'll be greatly missed.

  3. While it part of life, it's definatetly a sad part of life. Maybe you could put that photo in a frame for your girl to have in her room. I hope she is OK when you let her know the sad news.

  4. Oh bless just think of the lovely life he had whilst he was with you xxxxxx

  5. So sad, I hope she (and you!) is OK when you break the news. I still cry for a day when I lose a pet.


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