Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eye Spy Sunday

My favourite game, even to this day is:

The Chocolate Game

You know the one where you take it in turns to roll the dice and when you get a 6 you have to put on specified items such as a hat, glasses and scarf and then have to cut up a block of chocolate with a knife and fork and you can eat each square you cut, until someone else rolls a six. I think you laugh more than anything else! I wonder if it is no longer politically correct to share utensils....

Thanks Princess Kirstie Jane for the theme and Cindy the party hostess with the mostess.


  1. Such a deprived child hood I had! I never played this game either! Sounds good.

    Maybe each child would have to have a set of cutlery now, and not disposable either because that isn't very environmentally friendly?

  2. yup so much fun when cadburys was involved :)

  3. I loved that game. Was hilarious when the block was straight out of the fridge- you really had to hack at it.

  4. Oh my heavens, I completely forgot about this game, it was the best fun EVER!!! I'll have to suggest it to my sisters for their kids parties this year.


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