Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eye Spy A Sign

How's this for a welcome sign?
This week August Street is seeing signs, and it's all possible thanks to Bug and Pop of course.
The story for those who are interested is as follows:
This welcome sign was placed on the wall of the project office in San Pedrito, Honduras. It's task, to greet us on arrival when visiting our Sponsor Child Iris, back in May. It was painted and positioned by some teenage boys in the project. My daughters were rather miffed that their names were excluded! The sign is currently residing in my sewing room, folded up neatly in a plastic bag. For how long is anyone's guess!
P.S Check out the Stick figures in peril signs over at A Little Bird Told Me for a good laugh!


  1. Wow - that's a decent sized welcome! Poor girls being left out, but that is just a lovely gesture.

  2. I remember reading about this sign! What a welcome. Love the pink wall!

    PS. Thanks for the link. :)


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