Monday, June 29, 2009

The Aftermath

Thanks for asking about my weekend. I did have a great time, especially spending time with my wonderful friend Shaz, in fact I am having withdrawals today! It was such a treat to spend so much time with her. We snuck out of bed at 2am to sneak vanilla bean icecream and Baileys which we had in bed. We felt like naughty little girls!
This is the third year that a group of school mums and ex school mums have rented this same house and done pretty much the same things. I think that it is time for a shake up if it is to continue next year. We seemed to waste a lot of time deciding when and where to eat, if at all! Traditionally we have taken a meal to share on the Friday night, but this year it was decided to order in pizzas. We had filled up on a cheese platter, so this didn't eventuate, on either night. I feel that without the shared dinner to create a sense of family as we all ate around the table, that it set the tone for the weekend, which was more divided than usual. Breakfast was cooked much later than usual which also mucked up the rest of the day. Some of us visited the Antique centre in Mornington, and even less of us finished the weekend with coffee and cake in Tooradin on the way home. (which was not even on the way home!) That being said it was fun to watch DVDs together and laugh and share stories. (The usual topics - childbirth, children's toilet issues, husband's toilet issues, school, drinking stories, work)It was great to have some child free time too.
I finished my market bag, which I happily took shopping today, as I replenished the pantry. Unfortunately life goes on....


  1. Oh I know what its like to go back home, after a weekend like that. Hope there wasn't too much mess at home for you to cope with as well.
    I think the baileys and icecream in bed sounds pretty good!

  2. Still I bet you can't wait for next years trip . Glad you're home safe and well .

  3. Even though things don't always go to plan, it sounds like a lovely tradition to have.

  4. OHHHH I'm with Christine,

    Bailey's and ice cream in bed!!! YUM!!!!!

    I'm soooooo glad you guy's have already been to Honduras and are back home safely!!! The country is in so much turmoil. Have you heard from Iris?? Is she and her family okay, safe??

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  5. Oh wow what a great thing to do!! Sounds like a perfect weekend regardless....lucky you!! and mmmm never too old for ice cream in bed...just old enough to add Bailey's...yum!

  6. I reckon it always comes down to a shared meal to get the vibe thing right. We always have the same battle at Christmas - not to mention difficulty in locating a forty metre dining table to accommodate everyone... Sigh.

  7. The weekend ma not have been perfect but the bag sure turned out brilliant. I covet that bag!


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