Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sadly, last night we learned that my beloved Chai passed away while we were on our holiday. Goodbye Sweet Bunny, you are going to be missed.


  1. :( Why does that always happen when we go on holidays? Very sad! I hope you kids are dealing with it ok!

    x RIP CHAI

  2. Your beautiful Chai will be sadly missed...what a beautiful bunny :((((Hugs)))

  3. I'm sorry to read that Laurel, she was so gorgeous....why do we get so attached to our pets? It always hurts.

  4. My condonlences on your loss.

    It is terrible when a pet passes away. We've just had a horrible week as our dog has been operated on and we thought we were going to loose him and I was a wreck. People couldn't understand how we could spend the money we spent to fix him, but if they don't have pets they just don't understand. You love them and that is why is breaks you heart when they die. But it is worth it, isn't it? For the joy they bring you and the love you feel. That's what I think anyway... sorry for being so soppy. Best wishes.

  5. Poor beautiful Chai - how sad. Hope you guys are ok, it's always sad losing a furry member of the family. xxx

  6. what a truly beautiful bunny he was! many hugs xxxxxx

  7. Oh such sad news! Wishing you all well....


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