Monday, April 27, 2009

A Granny A Day

I have just completed my first granny square, for Meet Me At Mikes - A Granny a Day
I used a vintage pattern book , a variation on the classic design all in one colour.
I am wondering if I can sneak my crochet hook on the plane. All the info I have read says nothing about hooks!


  1. aww, I so badly want to crochet like that!

  2. I to would love to crochet like that, My mother in law has tryed a couple of times to show me how I can do basic coathangers but I would really love to do this. Have a wonderful Evening Lisa

  3. I'm pretty sure a crochet hook would be fine. I took a small scissors and needle to do some embroidery last month on a trip. A scissors with less than 4" blade is fine. A crochet hook isn't as pointy.

  4. I'm sure you could take a needle on the plane. You need to do something to keep you busy during the flight!
    I bet that is going to look lovely when it is done!

  5. Wow! Your block is soooo cool! I have not made it past simple granny squares yet so I am jealous! I brought some crochet squares I found at an op-shop, and I would love to learn how to make them! Does your book have a pattern for these??!! -

    Also, I remember reading on kootoyos blog that she had her crochet hook taken off her on the plane -



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