Monday, April 27, 2009

Chilly Past Times

Spicy Lentil Soup (leftovers for lunch today)

Another zippered pouch using Saffron's gorgeous fabric
Busy restoring the house to its *glory* after a weekend of friends, family and food.
Mr M is home for the week, so we have enjoyed brekkie and the papers together for the first time in ages.
Oh and attempting to wash and dry everything in sight, including Miss C's volleys that she left out in the rain overnight. (Don't you know school shoes look stupid with school pants!)


  1. Soup looks yummy!
    Nothing nicer then sharing brekkie and the papers without the kids wanting something all the time!

  2. Hi there,
    I just finished reading your article in country threads and I too am a lover of raggedies adn all things prim..although mu hubby isnt and here in Nz so many people dont get prim so I have to stifle this part of of my crafting a bit.
    Im looking forward to reading more.
    Love Cherry

  3. Oh yes you HAVE to have volleys , I know ! Love lentil soup and its even nicer the next day .

  4. Spicey lentil soup is a fav of mine too...nice to hear that you ge to spend some time with your man this week...

  5. Very cute purse, I love Saffron's fabric!!

  6. mmmm that soup looks delish and I LOVE the pouch with Saffron's fabric! and I do know all about how school shoes just don't go with school pants, it is way not cool and it has to be black Volleys!!!!


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