Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 2 - She keeps it up!

Here is today's special treat: Pancakes for breakfast! Lemon Hot Cakes to be precise. From my amazing new WW cookbook "5 Ingredients" Even fatties like to get on a bandwagon it seems! (no offence intended)

I also took the girls shopping for a few holiday neccessities, things like harem parents and pretty teeny, tiny bras for the teen and a floral bag and owl print tee for Miss C. Coz you gotta be cool dontcha know!
I managed 2 laps around the lake, and wonders of wonders I even managed to figure out how to finally work the MP3 player I've only had for 2 years!
Oh and I almost forgot about the mocha hot cross buns I bought for afternoon tea!
Edited to add: I did not purchase harem parents for Miss A, in fact they are pants! Harem parents are clearly something all together different, involving a multitude of wives and children! Nothing like that here thankyou! Christina alerted me (finally) to the error of my ways! Taa.


  1. They look pretty good and you even have a clean frypan!
    Now what are harem parents? LOL

  2. I have just won an MP3 player in a competition in Coffee News. I hope it doesn't take me that long to learn.

  3. Harem pants: Something only skinny teens should be wearing! Flared around the hips and thighs, and then tapered in at the ankle! They were in way back in the 70's apparently!


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