Monday, February 9, 2009


Please help the vitims of Victoria's Bushfires any way you can. Try these links for some positive ways you can help:

Curly Pops - A little way to help - updated
Meet Me At Mikes - Ways To Help Today Handmade Help

It is unfathomable to think how it must be for whole towns to be obliterated, 750 homes lost and 108 deaths (and rising). God bless all of the fire-fighters, SES workers, army, volunteers, media, and everyone touched by the tragedy


  1. ..thanks for getting this info out there...

  2. Hi, I am hoping to start up a craft auction of handmade items with all proceeds going to the Red Cross, or charity of your choice to help with the bush fire appeals. I would love any help you can provide with promotion, donation or bidding. More info here


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