Sunday, January 11, 2009

Eye Spy Sunday

This week's Eye Spy topic thanks to Red Chocolate is Something I would Like To try in 2009. Well how about if I try to keep a neat clean home, all the time!

I am currently up to my neck in all the stuff I brought home from my kinder: 17 years worth of books, teaching plans, puppets, posters, felt board pieces, Cd's, and other miscelleneous crap! Hubby got tired of it cluttering up the garage, so now it is all over my sewing room - draining me of all creativity. So the sooner I get off the computer and get a-sorting the better, hey!



  1. Cleaning out crap is good for the soul. Getting started is the worst part! Good Luck!!

  2. I am the worst horder ever so I know how quick it can creep up on you. Imagine how good you are going to feel once you are cleansed.

  3. I know exactly what your saying , I'm living the cluttered life of an early childhood worker!

  4. mmm, housework is a little low on my priority list.I could do better in that department.
    The teaching resources will no doubt come in useful again. I'm trying to downsize my 'stuff' but it's not easy.


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