Monday, January 12, 2009

The bunny is a bully

My dear sweet little Chai bunny has been very agressive towards the guinea pigs. She has been chasing them and even attacked Gingy, causing deep bleeding wounds in his back. We have kept the piggies looked up for a couple of days to give them some peace, but I decided to let them out for a run this arvo, as it was such a lovely sunny day. But who should come charging over, ready for a chase?


  1. Oh no you have a little bully bunny. But how cute she is...very cheeky..xx

  2. I had a lop eared bully bunny once. It's funny how something so cute and fluffy can become so fiesty. Ever seen Monty Pythons Holey Grail, if so then I don't have to remind you about fierce pointy teeth!

  3. I was delighted to see your message with the real words to the Kookaburra song! Thank you so much. Is there another verse to it? The reason I ask is that I remember something about the Kookaburra eating all the gum drops he could see.
    Your poor guinea pigs. My grandfather used to keep rabbits, and I remember one who was terribly aggressive. We weren't allowed near him.

  4. I had a rabbit who was in love with my cat and use to circle it rying to court it - too funny. The poor cat was beside himself.
    I did have 2 girls but one was just too agressive, apparently de-sexing can help?


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