Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where has my baby gone?

My baby is 14. Where did all that time go?


  1. Happy Birthday to A from us!! Tried to send this one yesterday but it didn't work, so it's a little late!
    Oh and Loz, don't blink, or she'll be 23!!

  2. They do grow up so quickly!! My girl making it to 12 was such a shock, already becoming a teen... Your Christmas and birthday celebrations looked like fun!

  3. A big Happy Birthday to your daughter, I have my eldest turning 10 next year, it's a bit scary like you say where does that time go. I finally got a copy of the country threads mag, what a great profile of you, I read every word and what wonderful exposure for you, well done. Have a great last day of 2008, may the creative juices keep flowing into 2009. Cheers Treann xx.

  4. They grow up so fast!
    All the best for 2009, thanks for all your lovely comments. Looking forward to reading your posts for 2009 x


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