Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Night of Passion (now that got your attention)

Have had a very busy few days. Weeding and mulching garden beds, enjoying bacon and eggs and singstar with special friends and this:
Entertainment and excitement is what Princes of the Night are about - along with a splash of romance and mystery. Princes of the Night is a quality brand of male review entertainment that presents to its guests a mix of male models and performers to deliver an interactive show of dance, seduction and intrigue. The show consists of loads of comedy, theatrics, and exotic dancing. Audience participation is on the agenda ensuring an unforgettable night out.
WOW - I went somewhat nonplussed (for a Hen's Night) and came back besotted. I love the Prince of Mystique (sigh, swoon) Unfortunately this was the only pic I could find. Has anyone else been?


  1. Ah no, can't say I have, but very disappointed you didn't find a more, revealing photo!


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