Saturday, August 9, 2014

Winter Yarn Club

The start of August heralded the Final installment of Jellyware's Winter Yarn Club. It has been a delight to receive a parcel each month, explore different patterns on Ravelry (as suggested by Jodie) and play with yarns I would not normally use.
I am looking forward to crocheting a cute  head wrap with this gorgeous yarn. But first I need to wind the skein into a ball. I am sure there are much easier ways, but this seems to be working out OK. I probably should finish the cowl I am working  before I get started.
So far, the only finished project are the Sketching Gloves, from the first installment. I ran out of yarn part way through, and had to wait for a second ball to arrive. I loved learning how to do front post crochet to create the ribbed bands, and as they are worked in the round there are no seams to sew. The first glove has  a few mistakes, but I love it anyway and have worn them to work every day since I made them. I have actually started a second pair in a different colour, I love them so much!
The second project got off to a false start, as I had made a mistake in the early rows that resulted in the loss of a couple of stitches, and a slight narrowing of the piece. I thought that I could live with it, but I eventually decided to un-pull it and start something else. Luckily Jodie provided lots of suggestions of projects to suit each yarn. It was a real struggle to pull out the lacy stitches as the yarn got caught and I had to break it a few times. But onwards and upwards I go! The simple treble of the new project is indeed perfect for the mindless crochet required when watching things such as Game of Thrones, and Grimm. I really did have to concentrate and keep track of the pattern in the first attempt, and wasn't really enjoying it. The last project to tackle will be a jar cover for a candle, but I haven't as yet settled on the design I like best. All in all I have really loved being a part of the Yarn Club. 

Sign-ups are open for Spring!

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